Chung Hwa Chemical Industrial Works, Ltd. 

Managing Idea

     Based on our core values, Chung Hwa Chemical develops our superior cooperate culture and implements through strategically thinking. Our foresights and core values will not be altered by tough environmental changes which against us.

     Integrity is our prime value and the guideline of our behaviors. We are committed to keep our promise to our customers. We stay in competition with our strength, not by rumors or unethical practices. We select our vendors under the principles of reasonable, fairness, and honest.
Respect the long term relationship with shareholders, company
        members and Business Partners.

     We treat our share holders, employees, customers and suppliers as business partner and with honesty, in building our future together in the long run.

Innovation and Growth.
     We believe that innovation is the key to grow. To insure our position ahead of the competitions, we continuously innovate, improve our technologies and implement these technologies to best products.

Safety and Environment Protection We are committed.
     To make environmental friendly products including solvent free, water soluble and water dispersible monomers or intermediates. We are also committed to provide a safe working environment and waste reduction program by promoting programs like self checking list, 5 S, waste reduction planning and recycling system.

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