Chung Hwa Chemical Industrial Works, Ltd. 

Group Policy


Future development, production and marketing strategies
  CHCIW is top class supplier of high quality chemicals and services. We are dedicated to the expansion of our product lines, developing new techniques to challenge the latest technology and to provide small quantity, high value and versatile chemicals. We seek to create value together with our clients and to become a corporation that contributes to humanity with focus on sustainability, improving operational quality as well as implementing corporate social responsibilities to provide the optimal result for all stakeholders.
  In the future, we aim to maintain stable profit for basic chemicals as a basis to allow for the development of fine chemicals production and expand on the chemicals trading. Through technical cooperation and development with industrial peers, our goal is to obtain an advantage in talents in the fields of management, quality, technical, research, etc so that we can focus on stable quality, development and expansion of the product lines as well as improving our competitiveness as we maintain focus on sustainable operation.

Marketing Policies:
  1. Customer Orientated:Provide solutions to customer needs, proactive as well as timely response and form long-term partnerships.
  2. Market Expansion:Develop customers and product applications; business globalization.
  3. Technical Service:Improve our technical support capability and provide customers comprehensive service for our products.

Production Policies:
  1. Health and Safety:Implement occupational safety methodologies to decrease risk and occurrence of hazardous incidents.
  2. Energy conservation:Continue to introduce energy and material conservation methodologies to meet the aim of waste reduction.
  3. Sustainability:Optimize production techniques to maximize value of products and prevent harm to the environment.

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