Chung Hwa Chemical Industrial Works, Ltd. 

Operators words


Chung Hwa Chemical Industrial Works Ltd.

(CHCIW) are determined to continue cultivating our business while implementing internationally

standardized mangament systems.  We received ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification in 2000, ISO 14001 Environment Management System certification in 2015 and OHSAS 18001

Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification in 2016.  We are building a Strong Team, seeking Steady Growth, to develop CHCIW into a business with Sustainable Development.

Strong Team

We have established professional production, sales, engineering, research and management teams.  Through teamwork and collaboration, the teams synergize building on one another’s strengths, gradually developing into a strong team and the cornerstone in our pursuit of sustainable development.  We firmly believe in the passing down of experience, humbly seeking to improve where we are inadequate, and with a self-driven pursuit of excellence, to realise sustainable development.

Every employee is a member of a team in the company and the company consider employees as the most precious asset.  While pursuing sustainable development of the company, we are also committed to provide a safe and secure work environment for our employees.  We emphasize the importance of strengthening of relationship between our teams and nurture our employees to have three qualities:

(1)   Focus: which includes professional skills to complete assigned tasks;

(2)   Loyalty: agreement with the company situation, only by appreciating company philosophy can the teams realise the ideals with like-mindedness;

(3)   Like-mindedness: unified in heart and mind.  Each individual is unique and only by accepting one another with empathy can the teams work in harmony with increased efficiency.

Steady Growth

CHCIW were founded in 1956, growing steadily and earnestly over 60 years amidst changing times, meeting the demands of society at every stage of the way.  We honestly report operational status, which I describe in the fashion of “It is what it is”, uncovering truth instead of allowing leeway for oneself.  We proactively face problems and never shy away from challenges, “planning for the worst while preparing to the fullest”.  The stability and growth of the present is the fruit of pass labours.  We are constantly preparing for the next stage, continuing on the path of industry transformation, implementing improvements in all fields to ensure that we maintain competitiveness during economic downturns and society changes.

Looking back on the past 60 years, CHCIW have steadily developed and grew.  We have constantly improved our processes, increasing the efficiency of our resources.  Facing competition from the open international market, we have closely followed market trends, adjusted product development strategies, moving from basic inorganic chemicals (applications include: water treatment, detergent, paper making, textile, PCB, etc) to specialist organic chemicals (applications include: dyes, plastics, chemical textiles, IC wafers, display panels, electronics, photoelectrics, etc) and expanding overseas markets (Mainland China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, USA, Mexico, Italy, etc) to spread operating risk.  We combined our own industrial experience to collaborate with clients to develop new products and processes, nurturing our ODM ability to deliver customized products to meet customer demands.  We also actively collaborate with government and research institutes to work on product development projects, searching for new opportunities to develop more varied products and applications (PPT electronic grade sulphuric acid, sulfonated products: SIP, PTSA, BPS, Hydrogenation products: PI, ODA, etc) to create impetus for company growth.

Sustainable Development

As we look to the future and are faced with uncertain environment, CHCIW will take suitable operational measures.  With a progressive mentality and innovation to improve competitiveness, the vision of CHCIW is to consolidate our base in Taiwan to become a quality enterprise that will span over a century.  Making step-wise development and constantly driving ourselves to continue innovating and seeking breakthrough, CHCIW will become a company of sustainable development.

Chung Hwa Chemical Industrial Works Ltd.

Chairman 干文元

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