Chung Hwa Chemical Industrial Works, Ltd. 


CHCIW were founded in 1956 (Year 45, ROC) as the oldest privately owned sulphuric acid plant in Taiwan.  Having grown steadily with the changing times, we have witnessed Taiwan changing from from her humble beginning through the period of rapid economic growth.  Facing competition from the open international market, we have closely followed market trends, adjusted product development strategies, moving from basic inorganic chemicals (applications include: water treatment, detergent, paper making, textile, PCB, etc) to specialist organic chemicals (applications include: dyes, plastics, chemical textiles, IC wafers, display panels, electronics, photoelectrics, etc) and expanding overseas markets (Mainland China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, USA, Mexico, Italy, etc).

With the diversification of our product applications, our company have continued to expand and invest in research personnel, production techniques and analysis equipment.  We combined our own industrial experience to collaborate with clients to develop new products and processes, nurturing our ODM ability to deliver customized products to meet customer demands.  We also actively collaborate with government and research institutes to work on product development projects, searching for new opportunities to develop more varied products and applications (PPT electronic grade sulphuric acid, sulfonated products: SIP, PTSA, BPS, Hydrogenation products: PI, ODA, etc) to create impetus for company growth.


CHCIW operate with integrity, developing a complete management system and becoming a listed stock in 2000 (1727.TW).  We have also established complete quality, environment, safety and health management systems, receiving ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification in 2000, ISO 14001 Environment Management System certification in 2015 and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification in 2016.


CHCIW uphold Christian values, establishing a company culture that is based on our people and emphasizes integrity as well as principles.  We pay attention to the needs and development of our employees and treat the related industries, vendors, customers and partners with honesty.  We look to our long-term relationships to build win-win situations where all parties can prosper together and to establish a good reputation of upright management, increasing the goodwill of our company.

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