Chung Hwa Chemical Industrial Works, Ltd. 

Caustic Soda


CAS Number:1305-62-0

Molecular formula:



Calcium Hydroxide;CalciuM hydroxide, for analysis ACS, 95+% 1KG;CalciuM hydroxide, 99.995%, (trace Metal basis);CALCIUM HYDROXIDE FOR ANALYSIS EMSURE;CALCIUM HYDROXIDE FOR THE PREPARATION OF;CalciuM Hydroxide, Reagent;CalciuM hydroxide 99.995% trace Metals basis;Calcium hydroxide ACS reagent, >=95.0%

Product Usage:


1. Reduce soil acidity

2. Improve soil structure

3. Made Bordeaux mixture for fruit trees and vegetables to eliminate pests and diseases.

Life:Lime mortar can be used for brick wall (powder is wall ash).

Industry:Used in the sugar industry to neutralize the acid in the syrup, thereby reducing the excessive sourness of the sugar.

Drinking water:In the process of water filtration, raw water (ie untreated water) is first mixed with chemicals (such as alum and slaked lime), stirred, then flowed into a clarifier for condensation and precipitation, and then flows into a fast gravity filter tank, using sand and Anthracite is filtered.

The filtered water will be added with chlorine and slaked lime in the contact tank to disinfect and adjust the pH;The remaining series of treated water will be transported directly to the water supply system connected to the user or stored in a distribution reservoir for public consumption.


35Kg Drum;200L Drum;IBC 


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