Chung Hwa Chemical Industrial Works, Ltd. 

Research Direction

Labotratory Planning
CHCIW has an industrial standard laboratory, with highly qualified chemists and engineers to support research and manufacturing process development, to deliver samples as per customer specification. When required, we have suitable laboratory and technical resources to meet the demand of developing complex custumized projects.

Experimental Data
Current laboratory equipment:
    ICP MS(agilent 7900)
    UV spectrometer
    Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
    Turbidity Meter
    Automatic Melting Point System

Market Development Testing
Pilot scale test run facility
    As processes are developed to meet increasing market and quality demands, our pilot scale production provides reliable resources and decreases loss from failed trials.
Scale-up facility
    To meet growth in market demand, CHCIW employ industry leading process scale-up practices. When your market demand exceeds your current production, or if you wish to free up existing production lines for other projects, we can also provide production assistance. CHCIW are a reliable, high quality and competitive service provider and can meet product demands from 100 to 1000 tonnes.

Pilot Plant
Current pilot plant equipment:
    1500L glass-lined vessel
    1000L glass-lined reactor
    KR-1500L reactor
    KR-500L reactor
    SUS 316-300L reactor/mixer
    SUS316-1500L reactor/mixer
    Top-opening centrifuge dryer
    42" Centrifuge
    SS316 pneumatic pump
    Chemical metering pump
    Graphite condenser
    Horizontal condenser
    High retention rating filter
    Bag filter
    Stainless steel bag filter

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